The development of competence in teacher training (longitudinal study KeiLa)

Supported by the Leibniz Association

Term: 2014-2017

Starting position and objectives

The professional knowledge of teachers, which is subdivided in subject related, subject related didactial and pedagogicak knowledge, is a critical determining factor for the instructional quality and learning success of students. Recently, a growing number of testing instruments has been developed for differentiated recording of this knowledge. However, longitudinal studies which focus on the acquisition and development of the professional knowledge of teachers in its sections during the academic phase of teacher training are so far rare, in particular for the area of general science fields.

This is where the profect KeiLa starts out. Using the testing instruments developed in the preceding project KiL for subject related and subject related didactical knowledge in general science and mathematics, as well for pedagogical knowledge, the process of the course of competence developement in teacher training is being described. Furthermore, two research questions are being explored. The first one comprises the importance of institutional factors, such as teaching opportunities during teacher training, for the acquisition of professional knowledge. On the one hand, the research investigates which individual feature of prospective teachers are relevant for the development of professional knowledge.


The study is conducted within a three year period. The first data collection was performed during the winter term of 2014. Two cohorts - new students and advances students - were recruited. These are questioned at five different dates. On the one hand, the students of the beginning cohorts take part in three surveys at their respective universities. This survey mainly records the professional knowledge. On the other hand, the students of the beginning cohorts take part in two online surveys. These surveys focus on the individual study behavior, for example the use and rating of different teaching opportunities within the teacher training. As of the winter term 2015, the beginning cohorts are complemented by the recruitment of further students in teacher training. The aim is sample of 1200 students in teacher training in total . The surveys are conducted at 25 universities.


Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee


Location of the studies in the course of study (BG = survey; HS = in the university).


Participant workgroups and persons

Project KiL, the subject related didactical knowledge departments of the IPN (with the collection of subject related and subject relates didactical knowledge) and the Department of Educational Science, as well as two workgroups of the University of Kiel (with the collection of pedagogical knowedge) are part of KeiLa.


Educational Science, IPN Kiel

Olaf Köller

Uta Klusmann

Andrea Bernholt

Frauke Tiedje


Reserch on Teaching and Teacher Education, CAU Kiel

Thilo Kleickmann

Judith Pollmeier

Steffen Tröbst


Chemistry Education, IPN Kiel

Ilka Parchmann

Mirjam Steffensky

Carolin Meyer

Stefanie Herzog


Mathematics Education, IPN Kiel

Aiso Heinze

Beate von der Heydt

Colin Jeschke

Anke Lindmeier

Anja Zerrenner


Biology Education, IPN Kiel

Ute Harms

Daniela Mahler

Till Bruckermann


Physics Education, IPN Kiel

Knut Neumann

Stefan Petersen

Stefan Sorge


Educational Psychology, CAU Kiel

Jens Möller

Friederike Hohenstein

Friederike Zimmermann